Junie's Travels

As I mentioned previously, Adam and June have been in Colorado and Omaha for the last few days. They return this morning. In honor of that, I thought I'd document all the places that June has been to in her 2.5 years.

  1. In Utero: Canyon De Chelley. September 2006.
  2. Tucson, Arizona. Birth on up.
  3. Anchorage, Alaska. March 2007.
  4. Moab, Utah. On the way to see Auntie Britt in Idaho, Summer 2007.
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah. October 2007.
  6. Boise and Payette, Idaho. Visiting Britt, Summer 2007.
  7. St. John. Visiting Nana Liz & Pops for a beach vacation, Christmas 2007.
  8. Puerto Rico. Side trip to see Jimmy & Esther, Indigo, Uncle Bill, Aunt Laurie, and Andrew. New Year's 2008.
  9. Bisbee, Arizona. February 2008.
  10. Anchorage, Alaska. Summer 2008.
  11. Girdwood, Alaska. Summer 2008.
  12. Flagstaff, Arizona. September 2008. Here is one from the way home.
  13. Denver and Boulder, Colorado. June 2009.
  14. Omaha, Nebraska. June 2009.

I hope to see and post pictures for these last two soon. And I hope you follow at least some of these links. It is a joy to watch June grow.

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  1. It is awesome that you put all of these travels in a spot on the blog. I wish I knew all the places I had gone as a child. Impressive to say the least.


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