Viejo San Juan :: Photos Part 2

And here are the last of them.


  1. More great shots! My very fave is the one with the white building at the top of the sea wall (?) with the mysterious looking black spikes.....a fence? Just interesting. Made me want to step in the picture and figure it out.

    Oh, I JUST figured out I could look at those Flickr pics you have at the side of your blog! Duh!! LOL

    I have to say.....You and Adam look like movie stars, no shit, in your wedding photos!


  2. Thanks Christy. When my Dad saw me as I was all ready to walk down the aisle with him that is exactly what he said. I'm so happy to be married to Adam, and you know... he doesn't even know how handsome he is. The black spikes photo was taken by Adam. It is a weird sculpture/installation. I like it a lot. He also took the pictures of me of course. If you ever get a chance to go to Puerto Rico, old san juan is a sexy sultry place. I love it.

  3. I've been enjoying all your Puerto Rico pictures that you've been posting. I definitely want to go there now.

  4. Great photos - I have a bad case of winter blues/cabin fever and I am very jealous. I was lucky enough to go in college with a friend from there and it is a wonderful place. So does your cousin who grows/roast coffee ever have volunteers work with him?? My SIL Aimee is obsessed with coffee production.....??

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  6. Scarymelon: my cousin Andrew and his brother just grow coffee for personal use. They are really into gardening and are nerds for just about everything - they have to know how everything works. But my uncle Bill does accept volunteers at his B&B. As far as I know it is a free place to live and I don't think the volunteers are worked too hard.

    CresceNet: Thanks! I checked out your site, but I can't read it!


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