Getting excited

Today I am 34 weeks along.

Yesterday in the mail I received a big box of clothes from my mom, most of them 0-3 month sizes. I can't tell you how real this made everything. Of course my mom, being the sweetheart she is, prewashed and folded all of them. Here are some pictures of my favorites.

This one, from gymboree, is just so great. I love the colors.

This eric carle one I love, especially what it says on the back (but he was still hungry). I am having problems with the photos for some reason - they won't copy and paste to where I want so the picture of the back got deleted.

My Mom also sent 2 new dresses and 2 new nighties for June, but I'll save those to share when I have an adorable model to wear them.

Yesterday also my good friend Rene drove down from Tempe to visit. She is also expecting a baby, though not until November. It was so refreshing to visit with her. At the end, before she headed back home, we stopped into Babies R Us and wandered around looking at things. I dispensed far too much advice, but she didn't mind.

It is an exciting time right now with so many friends having babies. Emery, Daniela, Rene. It makes this weird limbo of where we are living and where we will have jobs so much more difficult. Somehow it will all work out.


  1. Amy,
    The boys clothes at Gymboree are so cute! I am bringing a suitcase full of baby clothes in larger sizes. It was a blast shopping for them. I only wish you were with me to pick them out personally. Hugs and Kisses to you! Mom

  2. Such cute clothes! I love the caterpillar outfit. Be prepared for some coming from me too, since Noah is growing ridiculously fast.

  3. Those clothes are totally cute! For me, it was the newborn diapers that made it all so real. I can't believe the baby will be that small.


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