Last weekend our family had a little escape to Bisbee, Arizona, as a gift from Adam's parents. It was wonderful. I found myself saying "why do people honeymoon in Napa when they can come here?" I suppose there is no comparison whatsoever, but I'd take Bisbee over Napa anyday. I love the antique shops and just the feel of the place. I wish I had some photos of the huge pit mine there, but we didn't stop the car when we drove by it.

I am going to let the pictures tell the story. Here is where we stayed. I've been trying to figure out a link to some old Palace Brothers music for this post, but I just can't. Somehow their music and Bisbee go hand in hand. Here is a site where you can hear snippets of the songs off of my favorite palace album. Try "all is grace" or "I send my love to you." And here is the song "come in."

Bisbee has a bike shop called the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel. The shop owner there said the old whorehouse was called "The Striped Stocking." I love that and if I ever write a fiction novel you can bet it will be in there... Enjoy the photos... I think I will post more since blogger limits me to 5 and I've already uploaded twice.


  1. The photo of the three of you is beautiful -- you look like the epitome of a good life: healthy, happy and in love with each other -- all three of you. :-)

  2. I like the photo of your family also, it's so sweet. Bisbee looks like a town that I would really love. I'm glad you had a great time.

  3. Oh I totally care!
    These shots are great.
    I especially love the family ones with all 3 of you.
    So sweet! Xxx

  4. About 15 years ago I did an outdoor school type class in AZ and NM, my first trip to the Southwest. It was 5 weeks of car camping and backpacking and we traveled all over. Someone recommended we stop for supplies in Bisbee, a place none of us had been before. The first thing we stopped at was that strip mine. It is unreal in its ugliness and one of those shocking things that makes you wonder about how long the earth can handle human industry. We found a Safeway, but couldn't figure out why anyone would recommend Bisbee as a good place for an outdoor school full of hippie-type kids to refuel and rest up.

    Then of course we found Old Bisbee and it is indeed one of the coolest little old towns I've ever been to. It was hard to leave! We loved walking around, enjoyed the natural food store, the old architecture, the history. I am happy to know other people out there enjoy visiting it!

    And of course the multitude of hot springs in the nearby area are also a bonus!

  5. Bisbee loves adorable. Love the photos!

  6. nice pics -- but the palace bros... I love it! Have never heard them before. Now I want to go to Bisbee, if that;s the soundtrack!

  7. Oh Ginna I'm so glad you like them! They were one of my staples, almost fifteen years ago. Makes me feel so old to say that...

  8. Palace fan here, too, though Viva Last Blues is "my" record. "New Partner" and "More Brother Rides" just get me. They remind me of driving around the winding roads in the Tucson Mountains in the back of my friend Tim's truck...


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