More Flagstaff Pictures

A few weeks ago I posted about our trip to Flagstaff. I also linked to some great photos on Emery's blog. I am finally getting around to posting some of my own shots. I like them.

Following Dad:

Little stroller diva:

Asking for more muffin:

Scared of the train:

Eyes and mom:

Reflection and tape:

Cool feet shot:

Thanks for looking. :)

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  1. I love these photos, Amy. The light in them is so cool. I'm excited to here how your baking projects went yesterday. I think I was equally as out of it when I stopped by :)

  2. great pics! i love that jacket on junie. makes me just want to go snuggle up to her!

    love the one of the two of you also. she is so focused on something!

  3. Emery, we should do an early morning photo shoot sometime. It is the best! And, as the mornings arrive later we can sleep later and still get the great light. :)

  4. Eyes and Mom and the feet picture are really great. I enjoy all of your pictures so much!


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