Girdwood, AK

I have been meaning to post photos of our trip to Girdwood for over a week now. I get so tired of saying and hearing about the lack of time to do things. It is all a juggling of responsibilities with... sleep! And sleep is important to me. At any rate, here are some photos of our trip to Girdwood.

Girdwood is a really great, hippy ski town. I have always loved it. Especially going snowboarding there and eating at the bake shop. The bake shop has fantastic bottomless bowls of soup that they serve with large homemade rolls with tons of butter. It is just the kind of hearty food you need when you've been exerting yourself outside.

It also has a big beautiful hotel which is where you park if you take the tram to the top of the mountain. We went on a little hike nearby recently. These two photos were taken at the hotel. That bear sculpture is a little small for real life, but kinda frightening for a toddler.

Some of our friends brought their children along too which was really nice because it is hard being the only parents. Eddie and June were really great together and had fun playing.

This little hug was sweet, and uh, fleeting. And June asked about Eddie for days afterwards - though she had a tough time with his name. (Lelly? Lelly?)

We also just had some nice moments of fresh air and silence.

And good sleep.


  1. Those ski boots and the look on June's face is just precious. Cute!

  2. Lovely, lovely photos! I love AK in the summer!

  3. I loved the ski boot flower containers. ;) Gorgeous photos...looks like fun!

  4. Two best shots ever (okay, well, since the last time I said that) are the last one of her asleep and the one of her face saying "OMG WTF is that thing outside the window?!".

    Awesome photos!

  5. I love the photo of June in the ergo. This place looks so great. It makes we wish we were somewhere pretty and cool! I miss you guys.

  6. Looks like another place I need to add to my list of places to go!

    That picture of June's reaction to the bear sculpture is hilarious!

  7. june has got the most adorable faces i've seen. i love that picture of her reaction to the bear, just priceless.

    i miss june days/month! :)

  8. I too love the ski boot planters! Looks beautiful there!


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