Summer Vacation

June and Adam went to Colorado and Nebraska for a family reunion. It is for Adam's grandpa's memorial service, but lots of family will be there and it promises to be a joyful event. For the last two days Adam, June, and his folks have been driving roughly four hours a day from Boulder to Omaha where Adam's Dad's side of the family hails from.

June is being a little trooper. She wants to call me a few times a day, but the calls are short for the most part. There has only been one long extended crying session in the middle of the night for mommy, and that is pretty impressive for a two-year-old who is very hooked on her routine and still a major mama's girl. For that 3 or 4 am phone call, if I could have split my body in two to be with her I would have. Somehow. It is difficult being apart.

Also recently we had our friends Zach and Angela come visit. (DO click on the Angela link. You can see how cute she and Zach are. And also, you can see what a talented artist and designer she is. And she's got great style too. I won't tell you how it felt to feel so pregnant around her fashionable self!)

Their visit was awesome. I had a lot of fun talking with Angela and doing some cooking. I've turned into quite the cooking nerd which they were able to observe firsthand. (I made two Jamie Oliver recipes, one for "lemony pud" and a pasta called carbonara I think, with bacon, egg yolks, and cream. We had salad too so it was ok.) Luckily for me, Adam does all the cooking when we are camping.

June was an awesome camper. She spent one night with Adam, Zach, and Angela, and then I joined them the second night. June gave me the most hugs ever and I loved it. She was proud of the owies on her legs, the dirt on her feet, and that she had been making both types of potty outside. Such good news.

It is really hard to be the worker bee when Adam has the summer off. Sigh.


  1. Oh, I don't envy the worker bee status. Or that of the mom stuck state lines away from her babies. I was finding it hard enough to go to work that last week.

    I hope all is well and I want you to know that we're always here if you need us. Kudos on being a cooking nerd. Its better than being a bike-o-philiac!

  2. Amers,
    Take this time to rest when not at work. I am glad you enjoyed the baby clothes. More to come for June and the baby. I can hardly wait to hold my grandchildren in my arms.
    Love, Mom


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