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Bit by bit, Adam and I intend to update our new home as we did our old home in the Sonoran Desert.  Last winter when we were living at my Mom's house, in fact ever since our home deal closed 2 days before Miles was born, I have been obsessed with nesting.  It was particularly rough having nowhere to actually nest, and having all of our stuff stored in my Dad's garage/horse stable (photos from inside).

Canadian House and Home

So last winter I collected these photos and have been unearthing them as I reorganize my photo stash, only to discover that many of them I still really love.

From Apartment Therapy

I think that the style I like is warm rustic modern.  And the good thing about it is that I think Adam can get behind a warm modern look too, which is essential.  Yesterday he said, "So how does remodeling our kitchen down to the studs sound?"  And I had to confess, it sounded good to me.  Though without him, I can only dream.  So I'm glad he is on board.

From Skona Hem

It is funny to me how many of the photos I save feature my favorite color.  I do not do it intentionally.

Here, check out what our friends Shelby and Joe did with their kitchen.  I think it looks awesome.


  1. A kitchen renovation sounds so exciting! I dream of the day when Z and I can re-do a kitchen (and bathroom... I'm determined that he gets a urinal, like at Al's house).

  2. Well I hope you'll stick around for more posts like this one. I have some other better photos too, but for lots of them I forgot to track where they came from so I can't post them. That light shade over the table on top just kills me.

    The idea of getting a urinal just kills me too.

    You and Z will be getting a home before you know it I'm sure. And then having a baby and remodeling in the thick of it. That seems to be the way of things far too often! The six months preggo knock down some walls remodeling job.


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