Mt. View Public Sculpture

Today I was on a walk in the cold rain down in Ship Creek.  I walked by a quonset hut with Fleetwood Mac blaring.  Inside, I saw someone who may have been welding for all I knew.  The hut was warm and golden with light compared to the drizzly salt-smelling outdoors.  She had the garage door wide open and I could feel heat emanating out.  But what was so eye-catching were the masks.
Photos taken with my iPhone
I walked by at first, but curiosity got me bad.  I turned back and gestured to the woman inside that I'd like to take a picture.  She gave me a thumbs up back.  Ultimately she came out and told me that the faces are all residents of Mt. View neighborhood.  I told her that "my other dream life is as an artist."  She agreed it was pretty cool.  And while my little rendition of this conversation is coming off trite, it was a nice little exchange that left me uplifted and hopeful.

The eventual installation will be a public sculpture in Mt. View, where each mask is embedded in a steel wall and lit from within.  This will be so cool in the dark wintertime I can hardly stand it.  I'm also excited because who knows?  Maybe this could be the beginning of knowing some creative, possibly like-minded people.  I always like that.

See more on the project at their website,

P.S. It seems like cool things are happening in Anchorage.  I mean, Drew Barrymore is here!  I cannot help hoping to run into her, invite her over for dinner, show her how much our June looks like Gertie...

P.S. 2: There are classes!  I wonder if I could get 15 people?

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  1. Everything about your story sounds wonderful to me. The drizzling rain, the warm garage, the idea of being an artist. What kind of class? Maybe I could join from afar...
    I love that you're back on here. Your blog has always been something I really look forward to :)


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