Only a year ago

Humor me, and go look at this link from only year ago. Our Miss June taking on the world.

I look at it and think it is not possible to change so much in one year.

She is now so grown up I can't stand it. Where has my baby girl gone? Of course I love the big girl too. But it is as if I don't know her. Can any mom out there understand what I mean? Since obviously I see my Junie every day? These pics are of us sorting through our palettes at my dad's house. June was busy organizing her social schedule.

Miles was planning the menu. I think corn dogs, as that is one of June's recent favorite things to eat.

You are what you eat you know. So what does that make Miles?


  1. I was thinking it makes him one little boob... does it have anything to do with the way his little hat fits him?
    I can't believe how much she's changed since the Junie in that video. I can only imagine how you must feel seeing that big girl and being her mother.
    Your new header makes me just ache for cooler weather, moister, lakes, and pretty places.

  2. I love that video of June!

    And I love to see Miles in his bouncer :)


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