I love having a home. It is how I feel peaceful. I delight in the every day things. In seeing familiar objects, soothing colors, stuff I've assembled to be just so.

I love knowing my sheets are soft and my pillow just right.

I love being able to retreat, and letting my introverted self be surrounded with a feeling of familiarity and comfort. I love everything about being in the kitchen.

These pictures are all of our home, soon to be not our home. Some of them are old and don't capture it well, but they have to suffice for this post.

It is hard to say goodbye. And truthfully, it creates a lot of anxiety in me to lose my place. The house has been torn apart and packed up and is in a state of disarray. That alone is hard.

I know it is right to be moving right now. And I know it will be great fun to set up housekeeping again. But how's a mother going into labor to nest? I don't want to feel too sorry for myself, but I can't help feeling it just a little bit.

Home now, is just us. Our little family. And the love between us.


  1. Amy,
    I understand and my heart goes out to you. You and Adam created a wonderful, warm home in Tucson as you have in your apartments in Anchorage. It is never easy to leave a place with cherished memories. I will be there soon to celebrate in the birth of your son and the joy of having my family around me. I hope you can feel my hug. It is going to be alright honey, trust me. xxoo Mom

  2. I think you are doing a terrific job with everything swirling around you. You shall soon enjoy a new home with a new little Robinson! In the meantime I'm always hereto help.

  3. Oh, darlin.
    Your home is beautiful, though not as beautiful as your family.
    I hear you, though, as I too am an introvert and draw so much peace and energy from being in my home.
    Good luck to you. I bet you'll sail smoothly through it all.


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