Thankful for friends

June has been asking us, "Where is my home?"

To this we have no good answer. For awhile. She is still handling all the change like a champ. Me on the other hand, with all my post-pregnancy hormones, I am weepy about everything. But this post isn't about me.

It is about our lovely friends Ben and Gina for loaning us their home. You see, for the last few days their home has become the nest I so longed for. I cannot tell you both how much this means to me, especially right now.

To have a place to come home to, equipped with a mini-broom for Junie.

With a yard for her to explore.

To have a place for Miles to lay his head.

To see the Nanas loving their grandkids.


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  1. You are the sweetest. So happy you are keeping our nest warm! We are so grateful for your friendship! <3
    Gina + Ben


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