Moving and Moving and Moving

We've embarked on what seems an endless move. Since Milo was born, he has stayed in the hospital, a little casita rented by Nana Liz and Pops, Ben and Gina's place, and now, we're camped out with Chris and Emery who've been more gracious and thoughtful than I can describe in accommodating our whole family.

It's a hard transition to put it mildly. In some ways I feel like we'll never have our own home again, or that it is so far off that the prospect doesn't give much comfort. In Anchorage we'll live with my mom for a time, and then we'll get a rental once we can afford it.

Or not.
We might get this place starting October 1. I can't even tell you how excited I am about it.

What do you think?


  1. I miss that house! Do it!

  2. whaaaaa? I effing love it.
    I hope you get it!

  3. Thanks Zak! Did you live there at all?

    Angela: I know right? I love it. And I sure hope you guys might visit Alaska sometime.

  4. oh i love it! that black claw-foot tub makes me tingle! and the red door. it's perfect. it's yours.

  5. LOVE it! hope you get it! i esp love the loft.

    have a safe move!

  6. Good luck with that! When do you find out?

  7. oh, that house is inspiration. i love it. will need more photos once you move in (i'm just assuming that you will get it). Wow, I want to build a house like that.

    Good luck with the constant moving. At least you've got lots of loving arms to hold your little ones.

    - exxx


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