Someday maybe, when June is a teenager, I'll see another version of this face.
Note the blue chalk streaks on her forehead.

I love this girl.

Note to self: being two is about teaching your parents that you are no longer a baby.


  1. This is definitely in my top five favorite posts. Awesome! The Bean has taken to making faces at me when she is not happy about something. It is so hard not to laugh isn't it? They will get their vengeance in ten years . . .

  2. Perfect description. Those in between times are rough. Probably being two (Not a baby, but still not a big kid) is a little bit like being a teenager (not a kid, but still not an adult). She's so sweet though, the attitude just makes her that much cuter!

  3. You ladies are great! I appreciate the solidarity.

  4. Happy Birthday Amy!
    Hope you keep the blog going once settled in Alaska. My laptop w/address book are still in shop. Hope you'll keep in touch w/loads of picture's of Miles & Junie. Hope the trip is smooth & the relocation is everything your family hopes it to be....+ more!

  5. Amy, I miss you guys!! June is so cute even when she's mad. I hopt things are going well with you guys. Take care!


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