Two Week Update

Miles turned two weeks old yesterday. And he had his 2 week doctor's appointment. Here are the digits: 8 pounds, 5 ounces (back up to birth weight!); 21.5 inches long, 38 cm head size.

New observations:
He likes to take a shower. The first one was yesterday after he threw up all over me and we took one together. He liked to turn his head into the water and open his mouth.
He had a bath last week, actually two of them. He likes those too.
When sleeping he likes to use the breast as a pillow.
He loves his swaddle. It helps him sleep.
He still sleeps a lot.
Lately he's been getting a lot of gas, likely because of my fast flow milk, the same difficulty June had. He's been spitting up some, crying out in pain some. It is hard to hear, but I feel so much more prepared and have some techniques learned from June that make it easier to soothe him.

June update:
She is handling the transition very well. When he cries out she runs to him, often faster than I can. She likes to give him the end of a finger to suck on in the car, just like I do. We don't use a pacifier yet, so fingers are all he gets. She stuck up for him yesterday, telling her dad, "leave him alone." (As if Adam were really giving Milo a hard time.) She loves him and gives him hugs and kisses frequently.
We've only had a little bit of regression. Moments where she tells me she wishes she were still a baby. One accident in her pull-up. Little things.

Update on me:
I'm feeling better. Miles has learned to latch on really well and I no longer have any pain when nursing, thankfully. It feels strange to just be a family again after having so much family here for a while. Quiet. Peaceful too. I get really weepy thinking of all the upcoming changes, especially about leaving Casita Feliz behind. I think despite all the challenges and changes I'm handling it pretty well.

And what about Adam you ask? How is he?
He is the glue that holds us together right now. We couldn't do it without him. And though it is hard for him too, he's busy planning his drive up to AK with Aaron and having fun looking over maps, planning bike rides. Wishing there were more time.


  1. It sounds like you are all doing well. Very cute photos of Miles. I love the one on Adam's chest. He looks so teeny tiny (Miles, not Adam :).

  2. great pictures! miles is looking sweeter each day. can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

  3. Amers,

    i really like this picture of Miles and Adam taking a nap. Look how tiny he looks!

    Keep up the great blog :)


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