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Anyone who knows me well knows that I've wanted to be an artist for most of my life. They also know that I rarely draw anything except doodles, or crayon drawings with June.

At any rate, this weekend while at the library for family story time I came across this book. The illustrator's name is Catherine Rayner.

I found the illustrations to be so inspiring and unique.

To me they look like watercolors, first done abstractly with stripes, splotches, designs. Then after they dried the addition of Sharpie or black paint over the top to add more dimension.

I find them beautiful and hope to play with this technique, or how I derive it anyway, soon.

Perhaps to work on this idea, from oh so long ago?


  1. This looks really cool. I hope I get to see what you come up with. I loved that drawing of June and the Raccoon. I like your new header too!

  2. it's just beautiful! i think i'll go out and buy that book. the illustration is just beautiful.


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