Like Father, Like Daughter

The other day I posted a photo of June for her Nana Liz (here) based upon a story about Adam doing the same thing, circa 1978.

Well here's our Ads, in the back of his folks old Honda on what looks like a camping trip or picnic. Liz just sent the original photo in the mail to me today. She says the blanket he is holding is his "Me" and writes, "What more could a guy ask for?" The expression on his face says it all. Thanks Liz!


  1. What a sweet post. It's amazing how much that looks like June eating the nectarine! the wild hairdo especially. So cute!

  2. What fun to see what Adam looked like as a toddler. Perhaps Liz can bring his baby book with photographs when your son is born. Adam looks content being in the outdoors which is home away from home.


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