June & the Raccoon

For awhile now I've had this idea of making a book of illustrations. Essentially, I will draw June at various ages with various things that rhyme with June. Here is a first start. I based it off of a photo of June when she was just a week old, though obviously without much detail. When I scanned my drawing onto the computer it lost a lot of detail, so I tried to fix it a bit in Photoshop and then colored it in shades of gray. What do you think?

Here are some potential others: sand dune; baboon; balloon; tune; moon; Saskatoon; maroon; loon; cartoon; goon; noon; rune. Feel free to add to the list.


  1. great job! i think it came out well. -erik

  2. What about Saskatoon?
    You know, the capital of Saskatchewan?

  3. you are brilliant! i love it. i like the simplicity of the drawing. send more!!

  4. Zach came up with spittoon and harpoon. The only one I can think to add is Zune. not sure if those are helpful :)

    Your drawing is great! I love the idea.

  5. There is something magical about the drawing! Really. And I've seen alot.....I have 3 kids and was a librarian for years. Even did the toddler story time for a year.

    One thing....j/k, upfront...Raccoons can be mean, so be careful that the sequel isn't the very unpoetic "June and Child Welfare" or "June Joins the Child Welfare Platoon", if it must rhyme.

    My gosh! Seriously, though. You have something here, a spark.

    Let's see though...June meets a raccoon in a harvest moon, and a loon, at noon, over Lake Saskatoon....in a pontoon....

  6. Thanks everyone for all of your comments. It makes me feel good, and certainly spurs me to keep working on them.

    Anonymous: thank you especially, I am cherishing the word magical. And I agree, raccoons can be nasty. Once I went camping on a beach in Washington and they were roaming the campsites during the day. I had a standoff I wasn't sure I'd win with a raccoon who was eating my friend's Sudafed. Scary!

  7. Yes, there is something about your drawing style that is sweet for kids to look at but sophisticated for parents and would make them want to read.

    I was a paraprofessional(hired hand!) at the library, so I don't want to come off as some child literature expert, but.....

    My favorite books, especially for small groups, or one-on-one reading for babies/toddlers, had multi-sensory components. Sounds (inferred for the parent to make, or if tech bells and whistles are your thing--rig something up in the actual text)) smells--scratch and sniff, textures, obviously cool visuals......I guess taste would be too hard to incorporate, at least officially.

    I know it sounds like I was an unartistic wonk, just trying to "stimulate" the kids, lol, but I always thought it could be done in a way that would be like a classic novel for a toddler.

    Storyline gets more important later, and with the way you draw, your books could grow up with June.

    What a great legacy for her. To have a book written for her. Even if you didn't have time to become a professional author.

  8. Okay anonymous, j/k up front:
    Are you my mom? :)

    I agree with you about the multi-sensory books for kids. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And you don't sound uncreative in the least. Have you seen the book "Mommies say shhhh"? It is one of my favorites for making sounds while reading.

    On a serious note, thanks for feeding the artist in me. I dream of it all the time. And I really think artists need support more than most.


  9. I might be old enough to be your mom! Yikes.

    You are just very talented, and I love new creations, of all kinds. Babies count as the best creations, btw. Probably the apex of a woman's creativity, just on autopilot.

    So, relax. (Ha!) Go to school, be a mom. You have forever to create. You ARE creating.

  10. Thanks again. And I bet you aren't old enough to be my mom - since I am probably twice as old as your kids.

    I hope you have a good full feeling in your heart tonight. Somehow I do, though it has been a long day.


  11. Ok, doubloon (ar, ar, matey), harpoon (oh, that could be problematic, though anthropologically interesting if Eskimos are used...),croon (think:Torme, Sinatra), toon--I might be listing some already listed, macaroon, saloon (again, problematic...)maroon, prune


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