Finally, bread!

I finally did it. I made my own bread.

And it wasn't half bad. I wouldn't even call it hard little rock bread. While it didn't rise as much as it should have, it was soft inside and crispy on the outside. Well, hard on the outside! But a good texture and a nice taste.

I followed Glo's (above) recipe (see it in the comments to this post) and I saved some of the dough and made some really tasty cinnamon rolls. The rolls had extra time to rise while the bread was baking and I think this was key.

I read through lots of recipes and some suggested actual times to let the bread "rest" and others said that you simply have to watch the dough and develop a sense for when it is ready. Taking a hint from the way the cinnamon rolls continued to rise and their fluffiness after being cooked taught me a lot.

All in all it was a lot of work. I think it could get easier though and just become another one of the multi-tasks ongoing in a day. And I sure hope I get good at it eventually.

I got the idea to make cinnamon rolls from Debbie, who reads and often sends me sweet notes. They turned out to be the best part. And while a few days later a little bit of rock bread has been slowly shoved toward the rear of the fridge, the cinnamon rolls are long gone!


  1. oh yeah - we love making cinnamon rolls too. We drizzle them with honey and spice and they go all gooey.
    I haven't read comments you've received on rising times - but I suggest doing two risings. ONe for about an hour - until the dough doubles in size. The second time you should kneed the bread only for a short time (whereas the first kneed I give it a really good working) - as you don't want to bash out that trapped in air. Then rise it for maybe 1/2 and hour or so. You can put it in the bread tin for this second rising, and then put it straight in the oven. (If you want to put any shapes or cuts on it, do this before you do the second rise, otherwise it rise up again in the oven).... am I making sense.
    Also, if it's very hot day, don't put it in too sunny a spot as it will get tough on the outside while it's rising. And if it's a coolish day, put it inside somewhere warm (but not hot), as it may be too cold outside.
    As with anything, it really is trial and error. Sometimes mine is fantastic, and I can't remember what I've done. It gets all eaten within days. Whereas other times it's okay, but find there is always a hard quarter no-one wants to eat.
    The best part - is having the kids be part of this very special process. Making memories for sure. And muscles at the same time!

    This is our cinnomon roll making day if you want to check it out -

  2. OMG those cinnamon rolls look GOOD. I'll be right over! Oh wait, did you say they were gone already?

  3. Wow your bread looks beautiful! Great idea to make some cinnamon rolls too. I'm so happy to be a part of your inspiration! Here is a link to my new favorite bread - You can let it rise overnight and bake it the next day - and again no kneading!

  4. Oh yum! I'm already looking forward to the weekend because my husband has promised to make cinnamon rolls on Saturday. ;) Bread making does get a lot easier...especially after you've got the recipe memorized. The hardest part about bread making for me is being home long enough to allow for the rising times.

  5. Your bread looks awesome! I love the new wide-angle on the photos too. I like the one where you can see the whole kitchen door and into the kitchen. That photo of Adam with the Cactus is hilarious!

  6. Emery, I couldn't do it without your mom!

    I like the wide angle too. Thanks for noticing. :)


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