Mamas for Obama Meme

I know this may be a little risky, but I wanted to try to starting this meme. A week or two ago, a post by my friend Emery included this photograph:

And I got to thinking about something someone told me, that listening to Obama feels like it felt when listening to President Kennedy speak.

When I think about Obama becoming president I get a goosebumpy feeling of excitement.

I believe that truly great presidents only come along now and then, and that he could be one of them.

I like Obama.

And I am filled with hope that he will be the next president of this country.

As a mother, I especially want someone in office who will help prepare us for successive generations. I think there are a thousand ways to say that he will help ensure a safe and prosperous future for our children.

Instructions for participation in this meme:
1. Take a picture or short video of something positive and indicative of your support for Obama.
2. Post it.
3. Link to the person you got the idea from, for the feeling of community and excitement.
4. Pass it on!

I really struggled with creating and sharing this post. I do not think it right to turn children into puppets of our own beliefs. I feel a little strange about that, given the video you see here. Miss J learned to say Obama while we were watching the Democratic National Convention.

I ultimately came to this conclusion: that despite how divisive politics can be, no one should be afraid to share their hopes for our country. And hope is what this post, this message, this idea for a meme is all about.

Edited to add: this post has the exact kind of photos and sentiment I am talking about.


  1. Not standing up and speaking out -- make that shouting out for our candidate is how we ended up with the mess of the last eight years. If we're not going to speak out now, with the mess that will be left behind when this administration slinks off into the night, then we may as well give up.

    You go, girl. Don't apologize for sharing your political feelings on YOUR blog. People who don't like it don't have to read it.

    PS The video is great! You should post it on youtube.

  2. I'll second exactly what Melissa said because I couldn't say it any better. I shy away from voicing my opinion on politics felt like a big step just to put an Obama logo on the sidebar of my blog. ;) But I can't help but speak up when it comes to Obama. I feel a great deal of hope to. I loved the video. I'll try and do this meme.

  3. Why a wonderful post. This hits all the right notes in so many ways! What a blend of art and patriotism and passion. Best advice I heard all week! Thanks Amy!

  4. Thanks for the support you guys. And please, spread the word. The more positivity out there the better!

  5. That was a nice sentiment. I feel the same about avoiding touchy issues. And Melissa is right that you shouldn't have to apologize for what you post on your blog. The video is so cute! I think the name has a ring to it because Teagan really picked up on "Obama" from hearing it on the radio; she's never had the same ear for "McCain"....

  6. I'm with June!! Just because we can't vote doesn't mean we can't have a candidate we root for!
    And I'm sure it doesn't hurt that his name is so fun to say...hey June?
    If this Mama could vote it would certainly be for Obama!

  7. Too cute! I think Obama would be proud. :)

  8. Thanks again. I don't know if Obama would be proud, but I sure think he'd smile to watch the video. :)

    Thanks Natasha, Lesley, & Tara!

  9. let's create the world that ought to be, one cutie-pie at a time! (that sort of makes no sense--but i am so overjoyed by little june's declarative support for hope) go obama!


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