June's apple

I'm pretty sure Melissa posted a similar photo one time on the Wild Nursling, but I could not resist sharing this. I also like this lower photo, something soft about it and the downcast turn to June's eyes. It is a peaceful moment.

Support Obama. Do this meme.


  1. Oh, kids do like eating in the bathroom don't they! How's toilet-training going?
    I love the little apple bites, sweet little teeth.

  2. I know right? Why the bathroom?

  3. That was a terrific way to capture how tiny her little mouth is at this time in life by taking that picture of the apple.
    I'm still planning on doing the meme, I'm just having a hard time coming up with anything- that sweet video of June is a hard act to follow. ;)

  4. lol, what is it about taking bites on a new unadulterated side of the apple? You'd think they LIKED the skin, instead of insisting you take every bit of it off!


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