200th post and an award

Who ever knew I would make it to this my 200th post? Please humor me and check out my very first post ever. You know as I reread it, it is not anything too spectacular. But beginnings are hard. It is what you build that creates something. I have had a lot of fun so far and intend to keep blogging for a long time to come. So in this sense it is very fitting that I was recently awarded the arte y pico blog award, not once, but twice.

First, Mah-meee at Raising A & C gave it to me. I was delighted, tickled even, but I was still doing my June Days and held off at declaring it to the world. And then time has been getting away from me. Much too fast, though the days of studying go so slowly.

Christy from the Soul on Every Path also nominated me. Christy really helped me get rolling with this blog, since she discovered me pretty early on when she was still 'anonymous.' She has given me regular support and good advice ever since.

I just have to say that I really appreciate it and that I really love this blogging community. I miss it when I have time away. The comments I receive make my day a little brighter and I find a sisterhood by visiting other mom's blogs, especially during those days where being mom feels so isolating. Thanks everyone for reading along and participating and sharing thoughts with me.

Okay so the rules state that I have to link to the arte y pico blog and nominate five other worthy bloggers. (Christy explained the instructions here.) Here are my nominees:

1. Emilie from the Little Nest. I discovered her blog perhaps four or five months ago and look forward to each and every post. If you're reading this you probably know I'm obsessed with the role of motherhood and what that means. Emilie does a lot of the things I wish I did, she's very creative, she knits, she takes great photographs, and she shares the things she thinks about. Plus, she lives in the most beautiful place on earth.

2. Melissa from the Wild Nursling. I cannot say what a treasure Melissa's blog is for me, and how I enjoy each and every update. We share a lot of the same ideals, huge love for our little girls, and we're both still nursing. Woohoo!

3. Emery from Tucson and More. Emery is a good friend of mine and a fabulous photographer. I love reading her blog because she shares art she makes, thoughts she has, and there are always beautiful new photos. Recently she has been posting while traveling in Honduras and I get a kick out of vicariously seeing the faraway places.

4. Ellie from Petalplum. There is much to say about Ellie's blog, and it is all good. I found Ellie through her flickr photos and I've loved getting to know her through her blog. She is really inspiring, real, and I hope someday I can have a cup of tea with her and our daughters.

5. And last but not least, Elsita. Elsita is an artist, a mom, and she is very inspiring to me personally. I get a lot of insight on life reading what she has to say. I feel a bit strange nominating her because her blog is very popular and you all may have heard of it, but if not, I hope you enjoy it and visit often.

Thanks again!


  1. Awwwwww, shucks! Thanks Amy!


  2. Oh my gosh Amy, I'm feeling very emotional today and this just made me tear up. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Amy! I really appreciate your support of my blog. I love to get on my blog and look at comments. Often, it says "1 comment" -- I know it's going to be you. I love that always take the time to acknowledge that you've read it. For periods of time when I wasn't quite as motivated to post on my blog, which has been a great creative outlet for me, you've been like my one faithful reader that keeps me feeling motivated. Thanks so much for the support and for being such a great friend.


I always, always, always love comments. (Okay, except maybe not the nasty ones.)


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