Back Story :: winter 1978 or 1979

I was three, maybe four years old. It was winter and I was ice skating in the street in front of our house. (The snow often crusts up and ices up inches above the actual pavement during winter in Anchorage.) I was called to come in and I think even enticed with hot chocolate. I was taking off my ice skates while sitting on the stairs of the entry way. There were other doors off the entry way - leading to a bedroom and a bathroom. My grandmother (mom's mom) was in the bathroom with the door open.

I was crying, and she called for me to come sit on her lap. She asked me why I was crying, and I did not know. "Sometimes that just happens," she said. And she gave me some loving pats. And I felt a whole lot better.

Little things I remember about the moment are that she was wearing a night gown. I also remember that she would fold the individual squares of toilet paper accordion-style before using them to wipe. How do we decide what things stick in our minds?

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  1. I love this little memory. I oftentimes wonder why some things stick in our minds, and other things I can't grasp at.
    Grandmas are so wonderful at making us feel better, aren't they?

    Thanks for nominating me for that lovely crafting/creative award. I'll try and get to posting about it within the next week.

    Take care, don't work too hard, have rests and lots of giggles.


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