Things we do around here

Color a lot. Almost obsessively, and preferably on the floor. And of course play with spidey. Hope Mom or Dad sings the special itsy bitsy spider song. Say "color!" and carry crayons everywhere we go. Mark on the walls when parents aren't looking. Give a tongue-test to the crayon too, make sure it still seems awfully tasty.

Try on hats. But take them off quickly.

Learn to use forks and spoons. The messy way. Let the dog take the spoils.

Ride proudly on Daddy's shoulders.

Play with a cell phone. Cry if taken away.

Revisit the dangerous blue arcs.

Get out the tupperware.

Play with it.

Inspect brown bananas. Have some toddler ESP about Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground.

Pretend to drink out of green tupperware. While wearing favorite pants (Thanks Grandpa Tom). And even say that word "pants," as of today. And get them out of the drawer by yourself.

Look cute enough to eat. Except don't eat things off of the floor. Except sometimes.

Make sure all the tea is on the floor.

Wear new pink shoes (Thanks Nana Liz & Pops). While pushing pink stroller that you can't really fit in or get in and out of, but yet want to anyway. And, if you're asking, "No. Don't put any stuffed animals or dolls in this stroller." But maybe you can put some shoes in there.

And in other news, sleep from 8 pm to 4:30 am without waking up once! For the first. time. ever. But then decide 5:30 am is your new wake-up time. Your parents are reluctantly on board with this plan. Because they have no choice.

Take too many, often blurry, photos.

PS Thanks everyone for the well wishes about my sickness. I have a combo sinus and throat infection. Antibiotics are helping nicely. And actually I don't have allergies come to find out. Since the allergy meds never work I asked the NP about it (she was fabulous) and she said my sinuses probably just get irritated (like spending too much time in a smoky bar) by the dust and pollen. But I don't have allergies if the antihistamines don't work. Go figure! I never could explain why I rarely get the watery or itchy eyes.


  1. so cute - she looks a lot like you in these photos!!!

  2. That's great about sleeping through the night. She sure is cute. What a fun post- she's a busy little girl.

  3. I love this post Amy. I also really enjoyed the photos of June in the shower. That looks like so much fun.

  4. So much of that same sort of stuff is happening here. When Mishi does her drawing, she comes and proudly shows us. Hats stay on her, she really loves dressing up - choosing her own clothes from the draw too. And she can say hat ("aat"). And she tries to put everyone elses shoes on, as well as her own.
    So glad to hear about the sleeping. I hope it continues. I'm still waiting for that to happen here!

  5. oh these are precious pictures! wait until she gets into markers! ;)

    btw, if you ever have old cell phones that you don't use anymore... great for the kids. i have one that my daughter 'thinks' that it is a working phone since it turns on but doesn't dial.

    have a great weekend!

  6. You know, Amy, this is very interesting. I have had major sinus problems too since moving to Arizona. And the antihistamines don't help me either! The only thing that helps is Allegra D and that's basically just because of the "d", as Sudafed works just as nicely. Tell me, what did your doctor say you should do for a longterm plan?

  7. Thanks for visiting, Amy! I love the hat. And you have the typical toddler activities portrayed perfectly here. Have a great weekend!

  8. Awwwwwww, sounds just like here...:) Xxx

  9. I could have written this post (but thanks for doing it!) - our hours are filled in the same ways. Great photos to illustrate it!


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