Lessons in Falling

June has had two big spills recently. Split seconds after each of them, thunder running through my body, I've held her wailing body next to me. The first time I was the major consoler. The second time, Adam was right there, being such a good dad that it does my heart good to think on it. Both times I've trembled for awhile afterward. Both times I've been thoroughly frightened.

Last night, June and I were taking a bath together. The kitty entered the bathroom, and meowed. June saw the kitty and reached to the side of the tub, her fingers slipped, and wham! her mouth hit the side of the tub full force. She was bleeding from the impact of her teeth on the inside of her upper lip. Adam told me afterward that the mouth heals faster than any other part of the human body. This was some consolation, as I watched and wondered if she would get a fat lip, if she would be able to nurse. She was fine shortly thereafter, though it took me sometime longer.

The other fall was weekend before last. She was playing with this little metal arch that is a bike rack. The problem was that she had been playing with a different one wherein she could reach the top of the arch. Not realizing the difference, she reached up for the top, jumped a little, missed, and fell, hitting the back of her head on concrete.

I know that learning to walk is a time of many falls, but I just want to say: enough already!

And I think any karmic lessons I needed to learn have been imparted. I now know that even within arm's reach, I cannot protect June from all forms of danger. This is alarming to the mom in me, but a realistic thing in truth. We all have to know that we can't protect our kids from everything. So please world, let up a little with the falls. This mommy can't take it anymore.


  1. Poor baby and poor Mama. That's hard seeing your little one get hurt. I think it hurts worse to see your kids get hurt than it does to have the hurt happen to yourself. She sure looks adorable in that picture.

  2. There's really a lot of luck involved in life. But don't forget, the statistics on on our side!

    People usually grow to healthy adulthood, have their own kids, live to ripe old age!

    So don't forget your ole' pal Mr. Statistics and light a candle and pray to ward off the unlikely....

    Btw, it never ends.

  3. Yeah, no breaking the baby, world, she's too cute

  4. Hard to imagine a sad look on that sweet little face.

    Hey June, gravity works okay? You don't have to test it. :-)

  5. LOL! I hope she figures out the gravity thing soon!

  6. Oh yes, I remember those first falls. (((hugs))) They make your heart stop and you stop breathing. I hope she is all better and no worse for the wear now.


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