Oh golly do we like sleep here. Or we used to.
Right, this is the husband. The one who apparently snores.
I don't snore. (Sometimes when I fall asleep in the car and my head falls straight back, I snore. But I always catch myself. (I know snorers: I used to race my friend Joe to sleep because if I was awake when he fell asleep, his snores would keep me up till dawn.))
Well, I never snored before moving here. Its the dust and the allergies.
Ironically, doctors used to recommend Arizona as a great escape from the allergens people were used to. Now, its worse here than where they are originally from.
Anyway Amy's nose and throat are all jacked up. Like medication jacked up. :(

Amy knows sleep

My sinuses probably are too, but I've trained myself to fall asleep too fast for them to bother my conscious self. ;{0


  1. Get better soon. I hope a little bit of sleep happens to ease the discomfort of sickness - or a lessening of sickness to ease the discomfort of sleeplessness....
    Hmmm, my husband just told me that I look tired and should go to bed early. Maybe I should take his advice.
    Rest well.
    PS - love the photo!

  2. Adam, denial is not just a river in Egypt, little snorer! (Yes, I wrote that, cringe...)


    What happened to Arizona to make it allergy un-friendly? Or was that an urban myth all along?

  3. Everyone was told to come here because there weren't many plants that bloomed with tons of pollen.
    When said folks arrived, they planted the trees and plants that are the same from home... some inadvertently, like weeds and invasive species.
    Over the decades, the desert changed pretty radically, and now the pollen meters, dust, and air quality in general range from moderate to extreme in the spring. Because spring is the windy season.
    Ah yes, we love the windy season as you can tell.

  4. I'm struggling with allergies right now also. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. You know what? I found out it isn't allergies. It is just irritation that causes the mucus to build up. Because antihistamines don't work on me. It has the same effect ultimately, except I don't get itchy eyes or relief from allergy meds.

    And it caused a sinus/throat infection. Yuck.

    PS Adam answered the question about allergies in the desert.

  6. Wow, a husband post! I'd get mine to do that - but we'd all die of old age by the time he figured out how to type two sentences. Yes, he's that slow.

    Sorry for the allergies. I never had allergies until I lived in the PNW for 10 years. This valley in particular is home to the "Grass Seed Capital of the World".

    Nothing bites more than a perpetual itchy nose. Except maybe no sleep combined with a snoring husband . . .


  7. Surprisingly enough, the candida diet can help with allergy symptoms. Another reason to give it an honest go, I suppose.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Amy, this is 4Moms2b. I read your post on my blog asking for email correspondence. You can write to me at jaqc@aol.com. Cheers!


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