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I can't postpone this any longer.  Here is my birthday table!!!  The table itself Adam built using a free design offered on Ana White's website (do check out her website - Ana has some serious skills) for the Big Ur Farm table.  I may have to edit this post later if I get the wood wrong, but by my memory, it is completely made out of fir.  The legs for the benches and table are made of "heartwood" and the planks of the bench are pink fir while the table top is blue fir.  Adam special ordered the 4 by 4's and the planed 2 by 4's from Spenard Builder's Supply.

These photos were taken at Monday night's dinner.  We ate beef basil and coconut quinoa.  And the kids gobbled it up.  I hadn't ever cooked flank steak before, and for this Adam sliced it up nice and thin for me before cooking it.  This was the second time we had this meal - the first time was so good it was a quick repeat.  {As in, "Home run babe, home run."  And, "Yummy Mom!!  I love this."  And a boy who quietly shows his appreciation by eating.}  I recommend it - find the recipes I worked from here and here.  The cucumber radish salad was from one of our cookbooks.  (Probably my favorite cookbook, but Adam actually made it so I forget.)

The chairs and dishes are new, and the lovely place mats and napkins were a gift a few years ago.  This is a whole lotta newness for us.

The flowers were a random surprise from our neighbor's friend who owns the CSA we participate in.  I am always excited about flowers, and cosmos are some of my favorites.

We recently discovered good beer in cans.  Who knew?
A toast - with Sockeye Red IPA.
So what do you think of the table?  I confess I am quite smitten.


  1. That table is beautiful!!! I love the flowers, too. Happy birthday, Amy!!

  2. Looks fantastic! I've always wanted to try to make a table...might have to ask Adam for advice!

  3. Thanks Erik! I am sure Adam would be sure to tell you what NOT to do, as he's dissatisfied with his own work.


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