A is for Alligator

A long, long time ago I posted some drawings on this blog.  Well, here is a new one.  I created a number of these this morning as I sat and painted with June.

My goal is to ultimately post the whole alphabet, letter by letter.  My favorite thing about the alphabet drawings is how they make June smile as I hand them to her.  So satisfying.

If you like it, please feel free to use it.  I would only ask that you link back to my blog as the source.


  1. Wow Amy! That is beautiful. Every time I see one of your line drawings like this I think you should illustrate a children's book. I always wanted to make an alphabet like that and hang it all the way around my kids' room. Maybe I should commission you... :-) OR just order some prints!

  2. I looked back at the other post of June and the Racoon after I commented. I saw that you said you'd been thinking about doing children's illustrations then. I think you should go for it. You have a really neat style. I would love a baby book or journal or something (like Nikki Mc'Clure kind of thing) with your drawings of random things in it. Wish I could sit and draw with you!

  3. Emery: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I would love to make a children's book. I have one in mind right now. I just hope I stay productive! It is so hard to get around to things.
    I wish we could sit and draw together too.


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