Inside June's pockets

We take laundry seriously on weekends.  Some more than others.  Like the weekends when the preschool teachers give us all the blankets and stuffed animals and jackets to take home and wash.  Here are the contents of the pockets of two of June's coats.  These are her "treasures," particularly the glass bits and colored fish bowl pebbles.


My favorites though, I must confess, are the google-y eye and the snake head with the bit of coiled wire coming out of it.  And is that a shower curtain ring?

Gotta love this girl.


  1. That is so awesome. Those are some full pockets for a little girl!! Noe likes to collect sticks. When a couple of days have passed Will tosses them over the side of the porch into what we've started calling "the beaver pile". Just yesterday she told us she thought someone was stealing her sticks . . . oops.

  2. LOVE the beaver pile! That is too funny.

    June always notices her things going missing too. Hee.

  3. I love seeing what's in her pockets! It's amazing how many pretty things she managed to fit in there.


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