Asleep ::

I was up late last night.  Late being 10:30.

Before going to bed I walked around the house and did little things - started the dishwasher, made sure the cat was in the house, put away the chili that was cooling on the stove, etc.

All the while the loves of my life were falling asleep.  I sat down to the computer for a little while and the whole house was quiet.  Well, full of snores actually.  The quiet got my attention.

So I got my camera and here is what I came up with.

I love watching these kids sleep.  I took a few pictures of Adam too, but he did not approve of my posting them.  (Sad face.)


The pink is due to the christmas lights strung about the kids' room that we leave on instead of a night light.  I love their little round cheeks.  And the way their dark lashes look.  I could just stare and stare at them, awake or asleep.


I always, always, always love comments. (Okay, except maybe not the nasty ones.)


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