Dome Sweet Dome

I am totally fantasizing about this home.  And I didn't go looking for it either.

We got a free newspaper after we left the fair last Saturday.  And as we rode home the kids were nodding off in the back seat and I happened to see the ad for this geodesic dome home in south Anchorage.  I couldn't get over it.

So we drove by.  The house was completely empty so we got out of the car briefly and peeped in the windows.  I liked fantasizing about taking a soak in the hot tub.

The whole place appealed to Adam's and my dream of living in the country.

A friend of mine lives in a geodesic dome and I just adore her place.  I suppose it would be kind of copycat of me to go after it, but... then again maybe not.

How often does a dome home come along???

If it was only in a somewhat closer part of town we would probably be more interested in it.  It is way out there, about as far as it gets.

What do you think?  Check out here and here and here for some other cool dome photos.

PS The answer to what is in the picture of the kids I placed in the comments.  Pretty neat eh?


  1. Please call before coming through Healy/Denali, AK, and I'll have cookies ready for you and your kids. We have the Denali Dome Home Bed and Breakfast here in Healy, and we have a new car rental as well. Our dome has 9 bedrooms and 8 1/2 baths on 5 acres. It's not for sale, but please identify yourself, Amy, for a private tour.

  2. Thanks Ann! This is so cool. I would love to come there.

  3. I find dome homes that are perfect for the countryside or near a forest area. Such beautiful architecture is like a castle in a kingdom, so I think those photos you have suggested are in their rightful places. Haha! Another thing why I want it to be in a secluded area is because I also love a hot tub with a clear view of nature. A perfect getaway, right?

    Cathy Newman


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