Thoughts on a Rainy Morning

I crept away from the bed, mindful of the two little bodies still sleeping there.  Little Miles was (thankfully!) not entwined around me.  Snoring gently.  June had found her way to our bed sometime during the night.  She is sleeping with her head at the foot of the bed, feet towards where Adam's body was a few hours ago, arms and legs a shambles and her nightgown somehow riding way up her back.

It is a rare morning that I can extract myself from the bed without waking Miles.  He likes a solid ten minutes of Mommy snuggles before he can journey out into the world each day.

Adam wakes early now to head off to teach high school.  I felt for him this morning because he is fighting off a nasty cold.  It came on yesterday and I heard him cough a few times in the night.  Poor dear.  At least we went to bed early.

I have a bouquet of gladiolas on the kitchen table, and as I went downstairs and filled myself a cup of coffee (that dear Adam makes each morning before he heads out), I admired them.  They are coral colored and they are sitting in a beautiful ceramic urn that we received as a wedding present.  The urn is a light tan with greenish-blue-gray faint celtic knot designs on it.  The vase sits on the lovely table that Adam built me for my birthday.  I will have to feature the table in its very own post, it is that good.  I like it so well I like placing my other lovely treasures atop it, like the simple white dishes my mom got me for my birthday.  I just need to sit there wearing my dress from Anthropologie that Bruce and Liz got me, and I will represent just how fully spoiled I am!

The summer has been long, warm, and full.

I feel full.  Full on life and love.

This may be the sweetest period of life I have lived yet.

P.S. Please check out the photo of the kids below.  And comment on the oddity of the photo.  Do you see it?  Hint: It is not the shower of light, it is something else.


  1. Amy, this post makes me miss you! I'm so glad that you are loving your life. Me too!

  2. Karla, that is exactly how I feel when I read your blog. Thanks! I miss you too.

  3. Such a sweet description of your morning. I can't wait to see more about the table!
    -Emery again :)


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