This Boy (and more about This Girl soon)

Miles turned 18 months old last month.  He's growing so quickly.

Here are some things I do not want to forget.

On Christmas Eve, about 4 or 5 blocks from my Mom's house, he started calling out "Nana!  Nana!" in the car.  He also does this as we approach his day care center, by calling out "Archie!  Archie!" which is the name of one of the boys in his class.

He pronounces his name "Miney" and sometimes "Mino."

He loves playing the face game, where we point at parts of our faces and name them.  He points at funny places still, for example in the crease of the smile to say "cheek."  He also points at all the family members and says our names.  He calls June "JuJu."  I adore this.

He pronounces zebra "bee-ba."  He loves bee-bas.

He also loves bananas, which he pronounces "my-na-na."

He is very good at manipulating things - I think he has a knack for all things physical.  For example, when he was only about 9 months old he could hold himself in place in the bath without assistance.  June could not do this - it took her ages.  He can also stack things and figures out how to open things.  He is obsessed with closing doors and loves putting things in the trash.

He loves to run and get everyone's boots for them when it is time to go.  He picks up my slippers, shirts, and other discarded things and brings them to me too.  "Mommy?"  He says, handing it to me.

He loves to eat toothpaste, stick his fingers in the sugar bowl, and to play with balloons.  He also loves to dance and has some sweet moves, kind of sways side to side with his hips, knees, and shoulders.

He's got animal sounds down, and says some animal names, particularly crocodile and owl.

He sleeps in a toddler bed now at the start of the night, then joins us midway through.  He nurses mornings and evenings, loves it like crazy, and is becoming ever more attached to me.  It's odd because he used to let me go so easily.

He and June are developing a good relationship.  I asked June what she would tell the world about her brother and she said, "I love you."  He likes to copy her and wants everything she has.  You know, typical kids.

June tells me it is time to watch Diego now.  She keeps commenting that I am writing her name here.  If she only knew!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Amy, I just found your blog (again, I guess?). I will now probably read the whole thing or close to it. hope you don't mind ;) I like that you have created this space for yourself. Laura

  2. Thanks for the comment Laura. I checked out your wedding site too. I liked looking at the pictures. Your short hair looks great! Though maybe those were old photos? We're looking forward to your wedding.


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