A Few More Pictures

I did not have my act together last time to post some photos I really wanted to post.  (Besides, it was time for a little Diego, so I had to go.)

How could I not share these?

I have a knack for capturing the serious faces.  But the smiles... they all come out blurry.

PS One of Milo's first words was "star."  And whenever I say it nowadays, he says, "Up Above..." in a sing song way.  It is way cute.

PS 2  Here is a link to a post about June when she was 19 months old.  It's astonishing how much she was talking.  Miles talks too.  For example, when we left the Bear Tooth after dinner just now, it was at his repeated prompting of "Go" and "Bye-Bye."  But it is still quite a different experience, as he is quite a different child. Like for example, he only started having separation from mommy anxiety pretty recently.  It's kind of surprising.  Lately he is asserting his will more and more.  It's a very new thing for us as he was such an easy baby.  For example, he would just go to sleep in my arms at 3 months of age during my staff meetings at work.  Other parents in the room would tease and say I was showing off.  But he was just easy like that.  He still is in many ways.  Sweet boy.

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