Happy Valentine's Day

Here is a love message I made especially for you.  

Yes, you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Let's all let love grow into our lives as we move into spring.

Inspired by Elsa Mora.


  1. Amy, this is gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day! Did you design this papercut? I love the colors you chose. Can we glimpse a special Amy papercut tutorial soon?

  2. Thanks Gina! Yes, I designed it. It is weird because it is something I always thought I sucked at, but then I tried it again and was surprised by the outcome. I had tried it back in 9th grade in Chinese class where the teacher had given us these intricate Chinese designs. Uy! The frustration. Perhaps it is just that I have developed patience, but I also think it is that it is easier when there is no design and it is just me "drawing" with the exacto.

    A tutorial is a good idea.... hmm...

  3. This is amazing!! I hope I go through a phase someday of making amazing art like you're doing now. I need to make some time for it.
    Somehow I missed all your February posts until today. Wonderful photos. Your post about Miles made me realize that it's been ages since I did a post like that about Noah. So I might just be taking inspiration from your wonderful blog for the brazillianth time :)

  4. I'll be glad to read it Em! And I always liked seeing your art posts too from your drawing books. Maybe we could see more??


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