My First Painting

I've got a new passion.

That is not to say I'm any good at it.

I've painted over so many interesting almost-paintings.  But I just don't want to call something done until it is really done.  The layers are interesting to me.

I'm working on building up the "canvas."  I put that in quotes since I am working on masonite board. Adam is mounting the board onto 1x2's for me and it gives them a lot more presence.

Birch trees
I'm trying lots of things out, so as my paintings emerge in this space do not expect a theme!  I have had some thematic ideas come and go, but mostly just want to play.  My next two pieces are a nude and a landscape.  I have been dreaming painted images and been having so many ideas.  One involves red and blue dots.  But then, the images of my mind never match what ends up being created.  I wonder if truly great artists can actually create what is in their mind?
I did one of underwater at water lilies that I just could not commit to and painted over.  Too bad I didn't take a picture first!

More to come.

PS Sorry about the poorly exposed iPhone shots.  The painting is much brighter than it looks in these pics.

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  1. so beautiful!! i think you have a new calling. love it--keep painting, sister!


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