Still here, sort of

I am suffering from the winter blahs.  I am still taking pictures of my kids, and they are still adorable.  I'm still making dinners and living for those moments after the kids are in bed that Adam and I reconnect and snuggle.  
I am starting to paint and finding it fun, exciting, and difficult.  Like, I start a painting and have such high hopes, then I screw it up and paint it over again.  Little Miles is hungry and crying downstairs, and June just came up looking for me and I told her I was in a time out until I could be nice.
It seems like there is always work to do.  And I'm always wanting to escape.  I don't like posting when I am not feeling positive.  
So as Toad would say to Frog, Blah!  I'm going inside.


  1. Blah!
    Take your time-outs as you need them, Mama!
    And keep painting.
    Maybe a little post-card sized watercolor exchange is in our future?
    I'll show you my amateurish equatorial flora if you show me what are certainly elegant, considered and skillful depictions of the charming and everyday.


  2. I know exactly how you feel Amy! Tucson sure sounds nice right about now. I try not to go there, but 72 degrees, sunshine, and flip flops? I mean, it's too much not to fantasize about occasionally.

    I miss you!! I will be in town next on February 9-11th. I'd love to connect with you - perhaps dinner downtown? I bought a new cell phone - same number 843-1243.

    Your friend,

  3. love the tree pict. keep painting sister. good way to forget about the blahs. largeLOVES


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