Holy Shit. This new lens is AMAZING!

Last weekend I talked to Emery on the phone and she gave me some photo tips.  In particular, she told me about a new favorite lens selling on amazon.com for around $90.  I had to check it out, and then low and behold, seriously lucked out by getting it as an early Christmas present from Adam.

To be honest, he said it was an awful lot of pressure I put on him to buy it.  I guess that says something about me.  But honestly, I have wanted a wide aperture lens for a really long time, and we have been on such a budget I had put it off as a pie in the sky dream, until I heard the price for this one.

Every time I take a picture with it, I think to myself, Holy Shit!  I've never been able to capture photos like this before, particularly with such low light.  I am super excited about it.
Beanie Bean.
Nearly blooming Christmas cactus.
Here are some of the first shots (above), which may not be amazing except for the fact that they were shot by the light of ONE LAMP only.
Looks kind of grouchy, eh?
Here is an early morning shot of Miles.  The sun had not come up and the room was lit by a lamp and an overhead light that is on a dimmer.
Ice Queen.
Fox in a Snowsuit.
And here are some good ones of the children, both outside and in.
Best and least blurry child hand photo I have ever taken.

I'm completely addicted.  I took like 300 photos in about an hour.   The one limitation I can think of is that it cannot zoom and do the same thing (give me the f1.8 photos I've coveted for so long, and now have.)  That will be the next lens to lust after.

Thanks Emery!
First sledding EVER.
Thanks Adam!  I am pretty excited about taking winter photos now.  I can't wait to try it on twinkly lights....


  1. I love my 50! You are off to a great start with it!

  2. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I am so super stoked.

  3. Yeah!!! I knew you would love that lens. I noticed the light in the one of June is just like the one of Noah and I that you were asking about :)
    Having that wide aperture is a must for an Alaska holiday season! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful photos.

  4. AMY! Those shots are amazing! Sharp and warm at the same time. I am so glad that Adam got you that lens. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful photography.

  5. the 50mm is a great one! love the shot of miles--his expression is so you and adam rolled into one. you will go far with this lens...


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