New white blanket

Today we awoke to the first snow fall of the year.  It was lovely, but I did not get a photo.  So instead, here is a picture I found that I took last year around this time that imparts some of what early winter in Anchorage feels like.

I am looking forward to the winter, at least for now.  I find myself excited about the holidays, shopping, staying in, and eating yummy things.  And after the effort it took just to come up empty handed for an early winter snow picture, I know I need to get out and take some pictures.

I hope you all got out and voted today.  I know I did!


  1. Awesome photo! Even I understand the feeling, though when this time of year comes around Tucson seems strange and out of place with the world. Almost like some kind of Stephen King timewarp thing that makes the seasons not apply to one small isolated population. Oh well, the biking is great!

  2. Amy, this photograph is haunting and gorgeous! Cozy and cold at the same time. It's time for delicious soups and books and cuddling. Happy snow time!
    Chris, I live in that Stephen King climate isolation--oh, the sunny, hot equator! It is but one sweaty season. Miss you guys!

  3. I remember all too well those almost season-less climates. I gotta tell you, I love them.

    Chris, Adam is watching Sonoran Desert bike videos ALL the time. I think a Tucson reunion will have to happen.

    Thanks to both of you for the compliments!


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