Friday Fun

I'd like to start a tradition of posting something fun and entertaining on Fridays.  Seems fitting right?  So here is a video that I watched for the first time in the car on my iPhone a week or so ago.  The song is "Love is the Slug" by the extremely famous band Fuzzbox and it is totally rockin'.

This was something on a mix tape of my sister's circa 1988.  And it is awesome.

While I love the song, I think the video is only so-so.  But DAMN I wish I could know what these ladies are doing now.  They are amazing.  Do you see that drummer? The smile on the bass player?  I love it!  And the zombie dance style is pretty killer. 

1 comment:

  1. Hubby here: "the zombie dance style is pretty killer"

    Ha! Get it? Zombie... killer?


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