The Fox at 14 Months

Little Miles did not get a birthday post here, which I want to call tragic, but really... that is too melodramatic even for me.  BUT, it is something I have to remedy.  So our boy is going to be 15 months old soon, and I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to give him even a fraction of the blogging attention that I gave to our lovely June as she transitioned from baby to toddler, now to big girl.
Walking Love

The night before last, Adam and I had gotten both kids to bed and were enjoying our short, exhausted moments together at the end of the evening, when we heard giggling coming from Miles in the bed.  A lot of it.  I cannot say how lovely it was to hear him laughing in his sleep.  I like to think that it is a sign of a good life.

We cosleep still.  I am grappling with him being my last child and the sadness of not having another baby.  If logic had any place in the matter I would not feel this sadness at all.  But I wished to stay home with him his first 6 months at least, and in my heart I feel as though I missed a lot of the little baby cuddle time with both children, in those very first days.  So, we cosleep, and I know by looking at June that this time too will be over so quickly.  He will be sleeping on his own before we know it.  There are no do-overs with children.  I am not ready to rush it just yet.

Mama Love
This morning he very clearly said, "apple" while pointing at the mini Alaskan apples we still have in the kitchen.  He has a nice little roster of words, including Mama, Daddy, Up, Uh-oh, Cracker (all food is cracker), Na (for No, which he does not say yet, but he has got a very emphatic way of shaking his head no that is unmistakable), Touch, Sister, June, Kitty, Dog, Woof, Broom (oh is he ever obsessed with brooms), All Done, Boo, Ta Da, Bath, Ball, Balloon, and Book (which sounds like Book-u.)  And oh!  The intonation of his voice.  It is so sweet and kind of squeaky.  Adam says it is as if he is always singing when he speaks.  He chatters a lot to himself nowadays.  He understands a lot too, and will do things that are asked of him, like "Miles, go get your starfish."  Or, "Miles, time to go up(stairs)."

We still nurse.  (Which he calls Boo-Boos, as June did, or else "Mii" since, Milk is hard to say.)  He very adamantly expects nursing when we reunite in the evenings.  Having been through this before with June I just adore it the second time over.  Except at times when we are sleeping and I get a good sense of what it must be like to be a mama-cat, as Mr. Claws scratches me both with his toe and fingernails.
Balloon Love

He adores books.  Some of his favorites are Go Dog Go!  And the Eric Carle book From Head to Toe.

He is very active and always likes to figure things out.  Yesterday I loved watching him figure out how to squeeze a lime onto his dinner after I had done the same to mine.  He has already figured out how to squeeze a few kinds of bath toys so that they squirt water, which took June ages to figure out.  He walks, runs, and climbs quite well.  Climbing the stairs, into the dishwasher, onto various pieces of furniture.  He uses a fork and spoon, particularly at school, since it took us a while to try it at home.  He loves sitting at June's princess table to eat.  Another favorite thing is chewing on toothbrushes.
Daddy Love

He's made a very cozy home in all our hearts.

P.S.  Peep Junie's 14 month post, here.


  1. That photo of you and miles together actually brought tears to my eyes. Go Dog Go is one of Noah's absolute favorite books also!
    I love Miles in his little green vest. It sort of makes me ache that he and Noah don't know each other (yet).
    I'm glad to know you still co-sleep. I've been wanting to ask your advice on a few things, but I'll save it for now.

  2. I'd love to talk parenting with you any time Emery. I miss our talks, and though you weren't a mom yet, you sure did provide me with oodles of support and advice as I learned mothering the hard way. Well, it sure seemed more difficult for me the first time around.

    You are such a very dear friend. I wish our boys were playing together all the time. And I am glad to know they will play together someday. Perhaps we'll plan a joint family hike in the mountains or something. Wouldn't that be cool?

    The photo of me and Miles.. Adam sure caught a magic moment there.

    Thanks for the super quick comment on my post.

    I miss you.

  3. look at you little fox. he is a walking-talking machine. so happy to see you are posting again. i have been the new picts at the top.

  4. Thanks Bina. It is all about this new Mac. And I just love being back here. I hope there is a lot more to come.


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