Fourteen Months Old

Hello Ducky. Bug. Darling-face. Sweet love. Junie. June-June.

Do you know that in Nepal, Joon means bright star? (I was told this in a shop a few months ago.) I would have liked to spell your name like that. When you were born your Dad knew you were June.

You awoke this morning with a raspy cough that mama hates. You also have an awful diaper rash. For the first time your diaper rash is so bad that it troubles you when we change your diaper. Both things make me feel terrible, and I want you to get all better. Already. {In other news, mama almost chopped off the tip of her thumb last night with the garlic. Yikes!}

You and I went and bought diapers and milk this morning. You ate sweet potato puffs and Kix and you danced with me in the car. I sang to you along with the radio. You like to mimic me and dance with your arms. And bob your head. We like to entertain the other drivers I think...

Climbing is the new walking. This morning you pulled yourself up onto the couch three times. UP, then down. Up, then down. I am so proud of you. And you are just as proud of yourself.

I am amazed by you all the time. You know at least 25 words. This weekend, a woman said, "Oh what a beautiful baby!" to you, and you beat me in responding, "thank you." The woman laughed.

I love you sweet bean. My walking girl. Yes, walking. Yay!

Here you are, leading Daddy by the thumbs.
You will be leading us around for a long time to come, I am sure.


  1. What a beautiful post! And such a beautiful baby too. Thanks for entering my bloggy giveaway, Amy. Good luck to you.

  2. The love you have for your sweet girl is so evident in this post- it's beautiful.

  3. Isn't the progress amazing? They are such wonderful creatures, these beautiful babies of ours. They surprise us almost daily and wrench our hearts to an unbelievable degree. I feel honored to be a witness to all things June.

    Love to you both!

  4. Thanks ladies.

    I am very inspired by June and honored to be living with her.

  5. Oh Amy, June is beautiful. And it looks so WARM there.

  6. Oh it is so warm. Starting to get up into the mid-70s already. It will be nice for a month or two and then bam! Oppressive heat.

  7. Happy Birthday June!! She is so beautiful - and so are those pictures. 25 words!! Amazing.

  8. 25 words?! Wow she's got my Bean beat. We counted only 20 last night and some of them don't really count (only her family can tell the difference between "hat" and "hot" for example, and most of the time we're guessing).

    I am so jealous of those baby cheeks. My Bean is so skinny she hasn't had any since she was about 6 months old. Couldn't you just eat them with a spoon?


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