We're baaaack!

I can feel it coming on, a new blog wave. I'm not sure anyone is still here. Are you here?
But we're coming back. Though sadly I have no internet connection at our new digs. Somehow it will work out. I have a lot of catching up to do.
But before I get back to my strawberry shortcake (thanks Mom!) I want to say:
To all my mom friends out there.
PS Check out my friend Shelby's blog. It's great.


  1. I'm here! And I can't wait for more updates from you!

    And I'll reply to your email soon, I promise... I'm in finals, and definitely procrastinating, but replying to your email hasn't hit my procrastination list yet... soon, though!

  2. Yeaaaah!! I'm so excited to see you back. And thanks for letting me steal your idea on the year in days thing. I love your blog. The collage is really cool.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Hi Amy! We're still here. Miles Fox is growing so much, and what striking eyes he has. June looks like the attentive sister. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about. 'Look forward to seeing your photos and to keeping up your life in Alaska. Please give Adam my best. JT

  4. hey mama!! so happy you are back--i have been checking...then checking again. thanks so much for the shout out--you are my blog hero so i am very flattered. miles is a DOLL. also, indy would really like junie to come and play...any chance???

  5. you are back!!! i have been checking...and checking again. i am really ready for the blog wave. thanks so much for the shout out--you are my blog hero so i am beyond flattered. miles is a DOLL and indy would really like junie to come and play, pretty please....

  6. yay! can't wait to read more and catch up!


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