Seven Months Old

If Miles could talk, he would probably let on that this has been a pretty rough month for him. He went from the baby who rarely cries to one who cried a lot, but because he was in pain. He had his first big cold that hung on tight. After three or four days of lots of crying, that increased to include a fever that wouldn't quit, we took Miles to the doctor. He had an ear infection. After that, just this weekend, he had a hell of a fever that was really scaring me. But it broke and I am hopeful that it is all past. He has had several illnesses it seems like, which of course I blame on day care. I know he will power through it but I wish he did not have to suffer.

The other bit of trouble has been from one or two times where I ate too much dairy or something, and triggered his allergy to cow protein. It is the most heart wrenching thing to have a little baby asleep in your arms who wakes up to frown and let out a little wail of pain. Poor guy. And one of the nights of this I dubbed the night of 30 naps. You get the idea.

But aside from all the illnesses, I think Miles has continued to dazzle this month.

He gets told often how amazingly long his lashes are.

Still no teeth yet, which June had by this age.

He has been eating a little bit of baby food fairly regularly this month. Not every day, but most days he eats a little bit of pureed vegetables and or fruit.

He is totally smiley. His wannabe photographer mom cannot seem to do his smiles justice in photographs though. I hope these pictures capture a little of how great he is. (Emery, do you have any tips? Short of buying a faster lens, sigh.)

He sleeps well, except when he is gassy or sick. He loves to snuggle me, and he has a special sound he makes just for me. A sad little whine that comes from his throat that is sort of a short, staccato sound kind of like unh-unh-unh, in a sad sort of way. He also gives me some nice hugs.

He is preparing for crawling by pushing his arms all the way up. When he does this he ends up sliding backwards a bit, his waist and legs are still on the ground and the force of his push up pushes him back. He hates tummy time like I hate running. (At least I hated running today, after not having gone since before there was snow.)

He loves hair. And he is crying now! I must cut this short. Behold, my little love. The sweetest, cuddliest baby that I don't want to ever grow up. At least not yet.

Back, after a little nursing back to sleep to soft coos. He makes the sweetest sounds nursing. I want to add that it is really difficult to describe his developing personality. The biggest things though are that he is easy-going, easy to please, loving, and he has a great sense of humor.


  1. Great pictures! Miles is a beautiful boy :) Sorry to hear about his ear infection. Ouch! That must have been tough.

    You probably know all this, but we watched the DVD for

    learned a lot, laughed a lot and took better pictures as a result. Check it out, if you can.

    Take care of Miles and June and give Adam our best ;)


  2. Oh man, poor little guy. Noah is on to his third possible ear infection this month. The daycare germs have taken us all down with them. At least Chris and I can complain though, all Noah can do is cry.
    I don't know if I have any smiling baby photo tips. I love your photos. I've been having less luck with it lately. As it gets brighter there I bet you'll get a lot more of them. It's hard to capture anything when you don't have enough sunlight!


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