First big owie

Our little Miles had his first big fall yesterday. Here are the best photos I could get of him (and it) this morning. He did not want to sit still and has no patience for the thing he can't touch that gets held up in his face far too often.

He was holding himself up on Grandpa Tom's coffee table and shuffling side to side, kind of walking himself down the coffee table. At some point he put his hand down on a book or something that slid, and so did he, off to the side, cheek scraping the corner of the coffee table and a big old whump onto the hard wood floor.

Poor guy.

He is so very different from June. Plays independently, sleeps easily. Last night Adam had the perfect description for it, if only I could remember. It was something like, "he fits into our life so easily." Soon I will catch up with at least the 9 month post. Before he turns ten months old. Heh. I hope.

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