So in love

Can I just tell you,
how very much in love we are

with this baby boy?

He captivates us with smiles, coos, little goo noises, little sounds that sound like hello.
I am in love with each of his toes, the tip of his nose.
I love his sweet sighs and I love sleeping beside him. He's a great sleeper so far. Sometimes he even falls asleep happily in my arms. He has a peaceful energy, just like his father. The peace that just radiates and makes those who hug him feel at ease inside.
Last night in the bath his HANDS were all stinky like feet. I think it is because he keeps them so tightly fisted. I love him, love him, love him.



  1. he has a very captivating face - so interesting and lovely to look at. it was hard for me to read your words, i couldn't stop looking at his face! i can see how you could love this creature.
    good to hear that you're well. and that things seem to be going so peacefully.
    my kids are currently playing hide-and-seek (my 7yr nephew, 5yr son, 2.5 yr old daughter). We've had dinner and i'm letting them quietly ease themselves down before stories and bed time.
    take care of yourself,
    - E xxx

  2. So . . . do you love him? ;-)

    He looks like you, even more than June. Those eyelashes are ridiculous. They reach into the lower 48! How's the house hunt going? Well I hope. Thinking of you guys . . .

  3. But how do you REALLY FEEL?!
    So glad to hear everything is going well.
    We are getting settled in Ottawa. Still awaiting jobs and buying a house....but happy for now living with my folks. Lily is loving the attention from Nana & Papa and we are loving the fact that we can run out and do things without the little lady sometimes!

  4. He has such a sweet little smile. Wish I was there to give him a hug!

    I went on a daycare tour the other day of the Temple E-mannuel daycare. As I was walking out the door there were a bunch of poster boards with photos of field trips and things, and there was a photo of you and June! I couldn't believe it. I miss you guys!

  5. he is just like you. except for he is little. and a boy. he is darn cute. i want to snuggle him. you got yourself a little heartbreaker.


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