Obsession with Lip Goo

Our June has an obsession.

Lip gloss. Chapstick. Carmex. VASELINE. Anything she is actually allowed to put on her lips becomes a fascination. She will apply Chapstick all night long. Seriously.

With Vaseline, she'll get a scoop on both index fingers (she loves opening and closing the containers, climbing onto the toilet and opening the medicine cabinet, all of that) and she will point her fingers out, refusing to open doors, put on shoes, anything that could rub off the precious lip shiner.

About a week ago she found my mom's long-last lipstick and did a number on herself. She didn't like that very much because she went outside the lines so to speak. Sure looked cute though.

Onto another topic... house hunting... what do you think of this one?


  1. What is there NOT to like about that house? It looks cozy and efficient and roomy and liveable! Love it!!

  2. Oh wow, I think I'd like to live there! The lip goo is funny. I would love to see June with lipstick all over her face.

  3. Oh, thanks Ginna! Yes, it is close to Kincaid. Off of Raspberry, but pretty close to Minnesota.


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