Something Very Special

When my mom and Britt and Karl were here they went to one of my favorite places in Tucson and made us this tile to commemorate our time here. The four of us are the quail.

I can't say how much I love it. It depicts the monsoons and has a day/night theme. It even has a cat and a dog for Bean and Shorty. The banner on the bottom will say Robinsons and the date. Thanks you guys! I can't wait to see the finished product. I am so flippin' sentimental.

By the way, today is my birthday. Here is a picture of the party Emery and Chris held for us the other night, poached from Emery's blog. Each one of the adults in the blurry background has a birthday in the next ten days.


  1. Happy birthday Amy!!!
    (I'm among the adults you know who has a bday in the next 10 days as well! 8/21)

  2. Happy Birthday! August birthdays are the coolest(mine is the 2nd :-P ) The tile looks rad.


  3. That tile is awesome! It makes me want to go and make one. That will be a great souvenir to have for a long time.
    I hope you guys had a good trip to AK. We just saw photos of our friends trip up there, and it just solidified how much we want to get up there next summer.


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