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It has been awhile since I collected and compiled some Junie things here on the blog. She changes so fast. I really don't want to miss anything.

The first really impressive thing that comes to mind is that she has not had a potty accident in a few weeks. A funny related note is that she loves to go #2 outside. We got her a stool for the bathroom (pink of course, pink being the new orange) and that helps her go indoors because her feet don't hang from the potty. She has a place to push down.

She will fake smile for the camera. She does lots of things to be funny, and she'll repeat a funny phrase for effect, often keeping it for a few days to herself and then bringing it up again.

Reading Frog and Toad with Daddy.
Very recently, she's started showing me things and demanding, "Mommy, watch!" Or "See Mommy? See?"

Her favorite doll, who she calls her "baby" and who she demanded I take this picture of.
She has been fairly defensive about me since her Nana Liz and Pops got here the other day. She practically pulled her Nana off of the couch, calling it "Mommy's couch." And then when her Nana was cutting some fallen branches outside she pronounced to me, "Nana cut down our tree Mommy."

Smiling during outside breakfast.
She loves to snuggle. Particularly in the middle of the night after she slips out of her bed and into ours.

Eating salad. She loves artichokes and cucumbers.
She is really social and loves school, loves parties even more. I think she loves party snacks and excitement. She loves the attention too and gets a kick out of roaming around doing things and talking to people.

She is in a princess phase and I'm rolling with it, though I sure wouldn't have picked it for her. Everything has to be pink, even imaginary bumble bees and elephants, tigers, horses. We picked up a Disney princess table for her last weekend that she adores. She finally has a table her very own size... I have meant to get her one for ages now.

Shopping at Trader Joe's. This picture was taken by Angela. Trader Joe's is June's favorite because they have these little carts.
She is still a huge music lover, requesting that we turn on the radio in the car, telling me not to sing, and dancing to the stereo in the living room. We've also slowly let her watch movies ever since she turned two. Now she watches quite a few of them, though her favorite has been Brother Bear. She will sing the song "On My Way" from it to herself. Man can she sing! The most common song is probably "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round" but she also sings classics like Twinkle Twinkle and the song about Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

It gets difficult to capture a picture of her. She knows the lens is pointed at her and will turn away, or will fake smile for me. It is also super hard to take pictures of her hair. It almost always is all burned out. Speaking of her hair, when we go out people often call her a blond Shirley Temple. She's captivating and her hair cinches the deal.

She knows change is coming and has been a little bit more clingy than usual. Adam and I are doing all we can to ensure she knows she is loved and to keep her life as predictable as possible.

Sometimes she tells a story like it is very important or she is explaining something. She looks like this when she does so.
It is hard to believe she is two years, seven months old. I find myself wanting to sprinkle her with pixie dust, like my Dad always did to me, and tell her that it will keep her from growing up. Sometimes I wish I could freeze her in time, just to always know such sweetness. It's a fleeting thought, but there. Mostly, I enjoy watching her grow and develop her own personality. She is a joy, usually very easy to please and fun-loving.


  1. What a beautiful post! the photos are wonderful, and the emotion and love are so tangible. Such a sweet bond that you two have. I LOVE the comment about pink being the new orange. It's so fun to see her change.

  2. This is such a sweet post, Amy. June is such a special and amazing kid - and she's so lucky to have a mom who appreciates all her uniquely intricate behaviors, moods, and quirks!


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