Orange Portrait

Me: June, go stand over there and let me take your picture.

June complies.

She picked out this or-ahnge outfit of course.

Little love.


  1. Put her in a glass and drink that baby up!

    lovin' it!

  2. This is some strange camo - has she been visiting Willy Wonka's factory? She might blow up in to a large orange! You will have to squeeze the juice out of her!

  3. Spots and Stripes... this girl's got style! My girl dresses herself too, and I just have to let her do it and enjoy it.
    Great wall - you should use that as a background more often. (I'm not sure Junie will continue to comply will she...).

  4. Is that Becky aka Tom????

    Ellie you are so right. At least if the "terrible twos" come through. And besides, look at that uncertain look on her face! She's been wearing it a lot lately - an "i'm thinking hard about what you are saying and I am not so sure about it" look.

  5. It's been a couple of colorful posts... very nice. She is one cute little girl!

    I love a kid who dresses them selves all funky, and she is probably very deliberate and thoughtful about what she puts together. Teagan always was and she knew what she wanted!

  6. She's so cute! I love it when kids start dressing themselves...those funky outfits they put together are precious.


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